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Here are a few images of the vegan carrot cake I did up today. I figured it is a start. The icing turned out well, though I am still pretty messy with it. Not that I mind, but I will get better soon.

So, I tried something new.

I will take some pictures of it soon, but I made an incredible vegan Carrot cake. And damn, it is soooo good.









Take note: Different forms of intimacy. 

I would feel so bad washing this off, holy shit

You could take a bath afterward with the artist and they can wash it off for you so you don’t feel responsible for their work. But also, it could teach the same kind of patience and concept that nothing lasts forever, similarly to the Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala tradition. And it could be just another step in your process of intimacy. Just a thought. 

I want to paint on someone holy shit.

Babe: You’re obligated to do this now. 

man, would love to have the type of friendship with people where we could all sit around topless, babes and dudes, and just paint on each other, and drink a little and laugh a lot

bolding last comment since not everything that looks intimate doesn’t really have to be

I think this is one of those times where it might be awesome to differentiate between “intimate” and “erotic”?

It can be totally intimate and still completely platonic. Human realtionships can be wonderful like that.

Well, I feel that is a difference in the way one can see nudity for a start. There is a big difference. If the nudity is intended with sexuality behind it, then by nature it is an erotic/sexual action. However, if the nudity is allowed to just be then it is a completely different action.

I know I have asked a couple of people to allow me to photograph them. I am an artist and I needed subjects to draw. Anatomy is challenging enough and being able to use a friend to pose is awesome. Luckily I had a couple of friends who had been willing. And they were typically topless (bra remained on) and I was curious if there was a possibility of them wanting to model nude. They said no, which didn’t shock me. However, if there is a presence of two individuals being comfortable enough with one another it should be possible. Even if the people being used are beautiful or sexy, the intention of those involved is what should determine it. 

Anyways, That’s just my two bits.

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Drawing again…

Its been about 2 weeks since the last time I really sat down and picked up a pencil. Its not a fact that I feel proud of. If anything, I feel more as if I am suffering for my lack of ability to be able to work. The last month has been tougher on me than anything I would have been able to imagine. Frankly, even being alone at all has been tough, and I have spent so much of it alone. 

However, things may be looking up. I have the potential to finally find a new job and one that would be worth working at that. I am not too sure on the work end of it, however by the sound of it, I should be able to manage. 

Anyways, I need some sleep. Have a nice day.

Alright, here is the final design on the Barbaric Book. 198 glorious single pages (for the artists out there) of recycled Newsprint. It comes with your choice of colour for the binding. All of the 8 colours are currently available and are quite stunning on the soft black of the book. This is designed to be an excellent book for sketching and drawing on the go. At 9 x 6 this is a great travel book. Seriously, I am a cyclist and I field tested one of these for quite a while using some of the oldest versions of the materials I had (7 years old and sun damaged) and it lasted like a dream. 

There are images of some of that work on the tumblr, feel free to check it out. Anyways, the sketchbook is just 15 bucks for something hand made and created for artists to have a better way to sketch and present their art. 

Have a nice one!